lettera a cuore aperto ed inglese macheronico a Nokia

Dear Nokia,

I’m a very devoted costumer. In my life I’ve used a lots of nokia mobiles, ma very very lot.

I’ve a old nokia 96-e-qlc-number che is durato one life, many years, then I’ve a N95 another indestrucible phone, only my daughter like terminator have terminated it. Afther I’ve a beautiful nokia n97 mini, I loved it. My friends, a very very friends, but a very very drunk, help me to costumized the phone. So a new n97 mini was born, the n-97mini banana version, in Italian, l’n97 a banana. It was curved, like a banana. Afther the operation, it no have mai a problem, it’s perfect, curved, ma perfect. I used for many times, ma davvero tanto.

So is arrived a lumia 900, and a child, the terminator, who personalize the new phone with a very special app, I-Crash, the glass is crepato, all the glass. And I’ve bought a new lumia 925.

Today I’ve a problem, like Houston we have a problem, nokia I’ve a very very big problem.

Now the lumia is svapated, s’è svampato. Kaput. No switch on, no switch off, no lucetta, no life signal.

I’m sad, very sad.

So, dearest Nokia, I ask you a miracle, un miracolo, like a miracle on 34th street, do the miracle on the 925 lumia.

Lovely Nokia, save my lumia, like save the private ryan.

Te prego Nokia, you who connecting people, connecting my nokia.


Forever yours follower



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